Ludo Kind is a popular mobile board game. The rise in popularity started during coronavirus lock-downs especially in south east Asian countries like India. As far as the hack goes, there is none since it is a server based game. However, below are some tips that can increase your winning probalbalites signinficatntly.

1. Focus on taking each and every pawn out ready to move towards the home.

2. Strategically place the pawns on colored stars. If you suspect the competitor is trying to capture your pawn.

3. In the initial stage of the game keep 2 pawns moving towards the home and 2 for capturing competitor pawns. Later take these two pawns towards the home fast.

4. Capture the opponent’s pawns more often to increase your chances of winning.

5. Don’t just run towards the home haphazardly. Be aware that the opponent pawn can still capture your pawn.

6. Sometimes take risks to overtake the opponent’s pawn by a few places. No winning without risks!

7. *Secret trick*- Do not play with the same moves with every player. The tricks and moves vary from opponent to opponent and you need to adapt to their strategy and come up with a new strategy that will help you beat them in the game.


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